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Welcome to Kinder
German Shepherds 

A little about who we are.

We are a blended family, empty nesters who have retired and moved to the beautiful Black Hills of South Dakota. We have a small ranchette where we get to live our dream and passion of raising farm animals.  Included are our horses, a few cattle, chickens, cats, and our beloved German Shepherds.

We both are lifelong owners and caretakers of all types of dogs. We bought our first Shepherd to become a family member and to protect our ranchette.  After experiencing this breed firsthand, seeing how easy they are to train, and enjoying their loyalty and companionship, we knew this was a breed we wanted to learn more about. We have experience breeding dogs in the past and after retirement decided it was the perfect time to begin our new chapter of breeding German Shepherds. We have done a lot of research and taken our time to find the right dogs to start our breeding program.  We have chosen our puppies from reputable breeders who have provided health certificates, DNA testing for DM, OFA certificates for hips and elbows, and registered purebreds with AKC certified pedigrees.

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