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Kinder German Shepherds

Reserve a Puppy & Sale Agreement

Name: ________________________________________      Co-Owner Name: ______________________________

Phone Number: _________________________________      Email: ______________________________________

Physical Address: ______________________________________________________________________________

Mailing Address (if different from above) ____________________________________________________________

What gender would you prefer?  Male __________   Female __________  Pick #: __________ (filled out by breeder)

Which litter?  Sire:________________  Dam:________________________   Color of collar? ______________________

For deposits received prior to litter birth, preferred gender is not guaranteed. If preferred gender is not available in current litter, the deposit will transfer to the next available litter.  Only a limited number of pre-birth deposits are accepted in order to attempt to fulfill each family's preferred gender needs.

Registration Type & Price:     Limited    $1200________________            Full    $2000 ___________________

Amount Due: $____________   Deposit Paid: $___________   via ______  Remaining Balance: $______________

Please include a $500 non-refundable deposit with this signed and returned contract. The remaining balance (total price less deposit) is due in full prior to the puppy being delivered or picked up.  Puppy will not be delivered until final payment has cleared, so cash is the preferred method of payment. Or mail checks at least 2 weeks prior to pickup date.

Checks can be made payable to Raymond Long.  By signing below, Seller & Buyer agree to terms in this contract.

Seller Name: _______________________     Signature: _______________________   Date: ____________________

Buyer Name: _______________________     Signature: _______________________   Date: ____________________

Co-owner: _________________________     Signature: _______________________   Date: ____________________

Date Deposit Rec'd: _________________     Method of Payment: ____________ Cash/Chk#: ___________________

Date Final Payment Rec'd: ___________      Method of Payment: ____________ Cash/Chk#: ___________________


By Signing the above contract, Buyer agrees to the following terms.

1. Kinder German Shepherd puppies come with a Limited AKC Registration. (No Breeding rights)

2. Puppies come with a 12 month health guarantee against hip and elbow issues. Should a problem arise with one of our puppies, a recorded veterinarian check will be required at the expense of the Buyer. All shots and deworming must be up-to-date for this guarantee to apply. This health guarantee is NOT applicable for common canine parasites or stomach issues. Skeletal, veterinarian affirmed, genetic disorders are only guaranteed.

3. The Buyer will have 10 days from date of acquisition to take the puppy to a veterinarian of choice for a full check up. Within this time frame, the Buyer may opt to return the puppy at Buyers cost of transport, for a full refund of purchase price, so long as an original copy of veterinarian checkup is provided.

4. In the event it is necessary to retain the services of an attorney for the enforcement of this contract, Buyer agrees to pay Breeders actual costs and other expenses incurred if the Breeder is the prevailing party. Venue of any legal action will be in Custer County, South Dakota.

5. Puppies are AKC registered. It is the Buyers responsibility and expense to finish the transfer of registration into the Buyers name.

6. The Seller will deliver, or meet halfway, within 600 miles of Custer, SD at the expense of the Buyer for any distance over 100 miles. Expenses are actual fuel costs going both ways.

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